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Jake crushing the deadlift


In Gains We Trust

Thanks for visiting! We're hoping to post some totally rad content regarding therapeutic exercise, rehab techniques, and other cool media things. Stay tuned! Yes, Jake can lift heavy things.

Therapeutic Excellence

At The Movement Docs, we believe in Movement with a Purpose. We also believe that we can maximize your potential through targeted therapeutic exercise. We call it, "Therapeutic Excellence"

Side Lying Kettlebell Armbar with Rotation and Press

Here's an exercise to help with thoracic extension/rotation.

Jake crushing the squat

Coming Soon

This site is under construction.

Coming Soon

This site is still under construction. Here's a timelapse of some construction. Thanks for visiting.

Please stay tuned for more content and videos as we get a better idea of how to do things. Currently, we have no idea what we're doing.

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